1. Easy to use user interface

disk monitor interface

The top-left pane has Hard Disk Drives listed. You can view S.M.A.R.T. attributes for the currently high-lighted HDD on the top-right pane. Clicking by individual S.M.A.R.T. attribute shows its description.

The bottom-left pane displays the overall status of the HDD’s health. The current Hard Disk temperature is displayed in the bottom-center pane with a temperature gage. Volumes located on a HDD are displayed on the bottom-right pane, as well as essential volume information. The time of last disk information poll is also displayed.

2. Remote Disk Monitoring and Administration

 Remote Disk Monitoring and Administration

Shows disks status and information and receives notifications from remote computers in local or global network.

3. Extended Temperature History

Extended Temperature History

Tracks the tempretaure history and shows temperature graphs for a day, a week, a month or any specified period of time.

4. Scanning Disk by Schedule

Scanning Disk by Schedule

The Scan Disk procedure allows you to detect bad blocks located on the drive. Disk scanning can be performed simultaneously on several disks. In case a bad block found an extended details are provided with down to sector level layout. You can speed up the scan process by increasing the read buffer size.

5. Scanning several Disks at the Same Time

Scanning several Disks at the Same Time

If you have several disk you want to scan, there's no need to do it in sequence. You can scan all of them simultaneously saving scan time drastically.

6. Hard Disk information

Hard Disk information

Additional Hard Disk system information is accessible on the Disk Info tab. It includes model and firmware information, disk geometry and volumes allocated on the disk.

7. Host status

Host status

For each monitored host you can see its status and the following details: Date and time of the latest poll and time it took
Date and time of the next poll
IDE SCSI disk interface
Polling period for different data
Service version

8. Events log

Events log

You can see a status of all hosts in the monitoring pool and events happening on them.



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